About Us

Chef Luis


My whole life, I always dreamed of owning my own business. I was born and raised in La Ciudad de México and moved to California at the age of 15. I spent high school days skipping school to work at sushi places in Long Beach, California, until moving to Las Vegas at 21 where I started at Osaka Japanese Cuisine in Summerlin.

I stayed there for 18 years, slowly working my way up from a dishwasher to food prep, kitchen chef, hibachi chef to sushi chef, and finally all the way to Executive Chef as I studied under well-known sushi men and hibachi chefs from all over Japan. With a wife and two beautiful girls, I often had other side jobs as well. Then I realized I have all the tools, experience and love to finally make my dream come true.

Food is my passion. Not only does it nourish and sustain, it brings people together again in a world that doesn’t always get to do so anymore. Watching others enjoy and get excited about my creations is what fascinates me most and what I live for. I love bringing my Mexican roots into some of my dishes and sushi rolls as well as highlighting the traditional Japanese touches I have learned from my mentors.

Working in restaurants my whole life, I saw the difficulties of changing demographics and how different the food world is with technology and decided that people shouldn’t have to come to a restaurant anymore. With my 18 years of sushi and hibachi experience I am excited and confident to bring my passion to the streets. What better way to do so than with my very own food truck and restaurant?!

As the first of seven siblings to own a business, I am proud to bring Louie Louie to you all. There is no other place out there quite like this. Come and taste the love! Enjoy!